NAV API Documentation

Welcome to the API. This API allows you to verify email addresses to check their validity, domain details, SMTP server status, check data breaches, and more.

API Information


For Authentication, use Authorization header

curl "URL" \
  -H "Authorization: <API-KEY>"

To access the API, you must provide your authentication credentials in the request header.


Sample request: POST

curl -X 'POST' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'Authorization: <API_KEY_HERE>' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
  "check_breach": true,
  "email": "string",
  "verify": true

Verify Email Address

Verifies the provided email address with optional breach and verification checks.

Request Parameters

Request Example

{ "check_breach": true, "email": "[email protected]", "verify": true }


Sample 200 Response

  "email": "[email protected]",
  "reachable": "no",
  "syntax": {
    "username": "test",
    "domain": "",
    "valid": true
  "smtp": {
    "host_exists": true,
    "full_inbox": false,
    "catch_all": false,
    "deliverable": false,
    "disabled": false
  "gravatar": {
    "gravatarUrl": "",
    "hasGravatar": true
  "suggestion": "",
  "disposable": false,
  "role_account": true,
  "free": true,
  "mx": {
    "HasMXRecord": true,
    "Records": [
        "Host": "",
        "Pref": 5
        "Host": "",
        "Pref": 10
        "Host": "",
        "Pref": 20
        "Host": "",
        "Pref": 30
        "Host": "",
        "Pref": 40
  "breach": {
    "found": false,
    "details": []
200 OK

Successful response with details about the email verification.

Response Attributes
400 Bad Request

The request was invalid or cannot be served.

401 Unauthorized

Authentication credentials were missing or incorrect.

500 Internal Server Error

Something went wrong on the server.


Field Type Description
breach object Details about the breach.
disposable boolean Whether it is a disposable email address.
email string Passed email address.
free boolean Whether the domain is a free email domain.
gravatar object Gravatar details.
mx object Details about the MX records of the domain.
reachable string Describes whether the recipient address is real.
role_account boolean Whether the account is role-based.
smtp object SMTP response details of the email.
suggestion string Domain suggestion for misspelled domains.
syntax object Details about the email address syntax.



Field Type Description
details array Array of Breach.Details.
found boolean Indicates if a breach was found.


Field Type Description
date string Date of the breach.
description string Description of the breach.
name string Name of the breach.
title string Title of the breach.


Field Type Description
gravatarUrl string Gravatar URL.
hasGravatar boolean Whether has gravatar.


Field Description
hasMXRecord Indicates if there is one or more MX records.
records Represents DNS MX records. Mx.Records


Field Description
host The host of the MX record.
pref The preference number of the MX record.


Field Description
catch_all Indicates if the domain has a catch-all email address.
deliverable Indicates if an email can be sent to the email server.
disabled Indicates if the email is blocked or disabled by the provider.
full_inbox Indicates if the email account's inbox is full.
host_exists Indicates if the host exists.


Field Description
domain The domain part of the email address.
username The username part of the email address.
valid Indicates if the email address is in a valid format.


For any additional information or support, please contact the [email protected]